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We Provide Healthy, Loving, and Cared for AKC Yorkshire Terriers

Certified and Popular Yorkshire Terrier

If you are a dog-lover and looking for healthy Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies), you are at the right place. We, at Hunter’s Creek Kennel, breed the healthiest AKC registered Yorkies.

Most Intelligent and Friendly

Yorkies are known to be one of the most intelligent, curious, friendly, and loyal breeds in the pet market.

At Hunter’s Creek Kennel, we go the extra mile to ensure they are friendly by carefully socializing them with humans and other animals right from the time they are born.

Yorkshire terrier puppy
Yorkshire Terrier dog

We Practice Selective Breeding

First, I want to thank everyone who has visited our sites online, Facebook and our website, hunterscreekkennel.com as well as those who choose the AKC.org site. This begins your Yorkie adventure and our relationship with you, our client.

Right up front I want to discuss the importance of signing up for our waiting list. Our waiting list always continues for the next litter, and as I share with everyone “be patient, things change, and people change their minds.”  The date on the waiting list is just a dated (number) that can only go downward on the list as “things change”.  Please if you are interested in being on our waiting list, we need a bit of information for adding your name to the list officially. That is: Owner(s) names, address, telephone number, email addresses, and texting number (for pictures and videos). All information is carefully guarded by Norton VPN and is encrypted for your protection and ours. Your information will never be disseminated to anyone, and upon completion you will be added officially to our waiting list. We do have a waiting list and a position list with a deposit required upon placing your name on the position list. The position list is for those clients that we know we have a matching puppy with the client’s choice of gender.  Your deposit is totally refundable if your circumstances change prior to taking your Yorkie home.  I hope this answers your questions, but please feel free to contact us at (336) 330-0336 anytime to talk Yorkie and to set you up with one of our Yorkies at Hunter’s Creek Kennel.

What should you expect from Hunter’s Creek Kennel? I hope this sheet will answer most Yorkie lovers’ questions about our services. First things first, as everyone wants to know a price, and so do I when I shop.

  • Our Yorkies cost $1500.00, both gender(s).
  • Our Yorkies puppies are tails docked, dew claws removed, and physically checked by my Veterinarian Dr. Mark Cagle DVM, Willow Oak Veterinary Hospital in Durham, NC (919) 908-6744.
  • Our puppies go through at least 6 weeks of deworming, except on shot weeks.
  • Our puppies are given their first vaccinations at seven (7) weeks, and then again at ten (10) weeks.
  • Our puppies are given a strict diet of mommy’s milk until they are ready for solid food. At that time, they are given Royal Canin puppy food wet/dry once mommy turns off the milk wagon.
  • All our puppies are AKC litter registered, and our clients are given all necessary paperwork for continued individual registering.
  • Our puppies are microchipped (lifetime) through AKC Reunites.
  • We give a one (1) year health guarantee contract.

Our puppies go home with a gift bag with all things they will need for your home i.e., treats, bully sticks (chew sticks), toys, Royal Canin puppy food wet/dry, potty pads, blanket, and a few additional needs. We have found the best bed you can buy is a cozy cave (can be purchased at amazon.com) also a wonderful site is Snoozer Pet Products.  Our Yorkies love to sleep and nap in them all day long.