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It is with great pleasure to release today the new website. Just as we needed to retire some of our beautiful ladies, we needed to update our website. I hope you all enjoy the new website and any of the features.

The current news is we have the following girls that are apart of the breeding program: Grace, Faith, Hope, Fontana, Atlanta, Phoenix, and CARleee.  Our new sire, Samuel, needs a few more months to be able to breed as he is only seven (7) months old. Samuel we are hoping should be breed able around the end of eight (8) months and hopefully no later than 10 months. We are so hopeful that the good Lord above will give us Christmas puppies this year. It will be up to the girls and their breeding times.

The current events page will be updated regularly to inform all the most current events happening at Hunter’s Creek Kennel.

We have set-up a special INN-HOME kennel environment for small dogs only. It will be exclusively for dogs 25 pounds and under.  We have always felt that small dogs do not do well in kennels with other larger dogs. Not to say that larger dogs are not AWESOME, but rather smaller dogs like to pack-up with their own size, except YORKIES, who love all dogs any size just as long as they play with them.  This new INN-HOME environment will have well over an acre of fenced in area outside to play or go swimming or just lounge around outdoors watching the squirrels and birds go by. Inside the climate-controlled house, we have living quarters and play areas to give it that INN-HOME environment. This way when your dog returns to your home they will feel as though they never left home. There is an exception that we may spoil them a bit more (with permission of course). So please contact us if you are interested in our new kennel venture and help us make it grow into a loving environment for the little breeds. We so appreciate your business and look forward to treating your small breed to excellent care. Please call us for the pricing of our kennel services. We will also provide services of pick-up and dropping back home your furry loved one. We hope to hear from you soon (336) 330-0336.