Healthiest AKC Registered Yorkshire Terriers

At Hunter’s Creek Kennel, we make every effort to breed the healthiest AKC registered Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) puppies possible. Yorkies are one of the most popular small dog breeds in the world. They are one of the most inquisitive, friendly (never met a stranger), intelligent, and loyal breeds found in the pet market today. Since COVID we have seen the incredible amount of people wanting this breed as they are at home more often and can take on the responsibility of a small dog.

Decades of Experience

At Hunter’s Creek Kennel, we have decades of experience in breeding, caring for, sharing and loving all types of animals. Our adventure in the Yorkie world began in 2010 with a Yorkie we named Dixie, a small Yorkie girl with health problems. Her previous owners must have known that we would do anything for animals and left Dixie in our driveway. We loved and cared for Dixie until she passed on the other side of the rainbow.  Our time with her, though short, taught us so much about her loving and loyal nature. And yes, it broke our hearts when she passed, but in her passing it gave us the answer about breeding (since we breed Cocker Spaniels the past decade). Dixie really brought forth our passion for animals, and now the Yorkie breed. We decided that we are going to breed the highest standard of the AKC Yorkshire Terrier.

So if you are looking for the best breed and loved Yorkshire Terrier, call or visit Hunter’s Creek Kennel and catch the passion we have for your Yorkie puppy.

Cute little yorkshire
Winter Yorkie Play

Careful Socializing and Training

Our Yorkie puppies begin their adventure in our separate nursery. This is where mommy Yorkie and her babies have a peaceful, climate-controlled environment to bond in the first few weeks. During this crucial developmental stage in the Yorkie puppy’s life, human contact is given in a massage therapy way so to stimulate their sense to humans. We use our fingers as mom uses her licks as this is the beginnings of first stages for the young puppies.

As your new puppy grows each week, we introduce daily learning adventures. The puppies are introduced to other Yorkies, larger breed dogs, cats, and maybe the occasional squirrel in the window.  We believe in a positive environment for your puppy to learn and accept other animals. Most importantly, after the seventh (7th) week we do encourage our client to visit so that the puppies can adjust to their new owner(s) and accept human contact.

In the early weeks we also begin the foundation of potty training for your puppy. They begin with a potty pad, and then graduate to artificial grass for indoors and for during the night bathroom breaks. We have found this is the method of training to be most successful and most appreciated by our clients.